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Last updated 12/11/2010.

Heroes of Rokugan III: Spirit of Bushido

Campaign Character Roster Character Creation and Informal Campaign Notes



Character Roster

Character Name Gender Character Type Clan School Player Name Notes Picture
Isawa Kasuma Female Shugenja Phoenix Isawa Shugenja Maryrita Steinhour "Flower of the Phoenix"  
Utaku Cho Female Bushi Unicorn Utaku Battle Maiden Curtis Steinhour Utaku warsteed, stallion "Hachiman"


Character Creation and Informal Campaign Notes

Getting Started

A Brief History (with thanks to Leslie)

This is a turbulent time in Rokugan's history, so there's a lot to sum up. There is an excellent resource in the L5R wiki to help fill in the gaps left below.

The year is 1137. Rokugan is recovering from more than a decade of civl war and strife. No one came out of it smelling like roses: between the corruption and machinations of both Fu Leng and the Lying Darkness, on top of usual Clan rivalries, there were acts of great heroism and terrible villainy from every single Clan. The Scorpion Coup led to the Clan War and the Second Day of Thunder, which in turn led to the establishment of the Toturi dynasty and the War against the Lying Darkness, which ended in the Battle of Oblivion's Gate. In addition to the massive casualties and the loss of faith created by so many terrible betrayals on all sides, there are legions of ancestral spirits who returned through Oblivion's Gate - who are now in mortal form once more, often struggling to find a place for themselves in a broken Empire far different from the one they left behind.

What you need to know about Toturi: he used to be Akodo Toturi, the Lion Clan Champion. Half the Lion hated him from day one for not being militant enough. He defeated the Scorpion Coup, but spoke up for the honorable treatment of a defeated enemy and got the Akodo family dissolved for his trouble. As a ronin, he led an army through the Clan War and eventually became Emperor. He was kidnapped by the Lying Darkness, imprisoned, and tortured. Then he went nuts. Then he regained his sanity and managed to commit seppuku before the Lying Darkness could claim his soul. Rokugan went to war against the Lying Darkness, and Toturi came back through Oblivion's Gate to reclaim the throne.

You can go through each of the Clan entries to learn what they did over the past decade of war, but the primary highlights are these:


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